In a Nutshell

State Research Grant

The project is supported by the Estonian Research Grant nr. PRG658.

Research with Impact

The project aim is to research advanced control systems with novel industrial applications.

Long term

The project is running for four years from January 2020 to December 2024.

One of the main challenges of the future control systems will be data-driven control design for rapidly changing environments that will be able to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption, emissions and pollution. Data-driven control algorithms lying on the border between control theory, machine learning and data science have the largest impact on the future of humanity.

Project Goals

The aim of the project is to develop an industrial software framework for control engineers and researchers consisting of a set of methods for automated analysis, modelling and design of the most efficient control system from data representing the controlled process. The developed methodology will significantly simplify implementation of advanced control techniques in the industry, increase their efficiency and enable industrial control systems to acquire knowledge and learn from constantly growing data sets.

Project Lead

Eduard Petlenkov

Head of Centre

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